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Correctional Security Pre-Employment Testing Information

We provide for the safety of Wyoming families and individuals by effectively managing offenders in prison and in the community.  In order to retain the best qualified applicants, our recruitment process involves a variety of tests and interviews.

The process begins with testing and an extensive background investigation into the applicant’s moral character, criminal and driving record, and previous employment history.  The testing process includes:

  1. Correctional Security Inventory
  2. React (Click on the link to take the REACT Practice Test (
  3. Urinalysis Test
  4. Fingerprints
  5. Oral Interview
  6. Verification of citizenship and age
  7. Physical Fitness Exam

Candidates passing the above tests and background investigation will receive a conditional job offer.   The candidate will then complete a Physical and Psychological Evaluation.  Once the results are returned with favorable results, the candidate will begin work.

Physical Fitness Requirements