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Volunteer in Prisons


The Wyoming Department of Corrections believes that volunteers are an essential component to programming in our correctional institutions. Therefore, we welcome volunteers in many different areas.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteers promote public safety and reduce criminal behavior. Many volunteers desire to give something back to society by helping out others who are less fortunate. As a volunteer with WDOC, you encourage offenders to turn away from violence and victimization, change criminal patterns, and successfully return to society as better citizens. Correctional volunteers serve in a variety of meaningful roles:

  • Broaden specific activities and programs
  • Bring diverse opportunities and experiences to the Wyoming Department of Corrections
  • Enrich inmate growth and development
  • Give encouragement and hope to offenders and their families
  • Serve as a liaison between the Wyoming Department of Corrections and the community by opening channels of communication and creating positive interactions between them
  • Foster a better understanding of the Department in the community
  • Facilitate re-entry of offenders into communities
  • Maintain a just and humane approach to Corrections by modelling  positive character traits while in the prison setting
  • Create a constructive social outlet that enhances an offender’s self-worth
  • Teach offenders to make important changes in their lives
  • Bring a sense of caring to the Correctional setting

The following is a list of programs that are currently available in Wyoming’s correctional facilities:

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Programs
  • Education Programs
  • Recreational Programs
  • Faith Based Groups
  • Cognitive Behavior Intervention Programs

Want to Volunteer?

If you have an idea for a new program, please contact the facility's Volunteer Program Manager.  If you want to volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Application, print and mail it to the appropriate contact person.

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