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Interstate Compact

The Wyoming Department of Corrections (WDOC) Compact staff processes interstate compact transfer packets received from our field probation/parole agents. Compact staff also monitors the transfer requests sent to other states and if the transfer is accepted by the other state, the compact staff will monitor and track the offenders' compliance to his/her supervision requirements. 

Other functions of the WDOC Compact Staff are:

  • Monitoring Wyoming offenders' compliance while under compact supervision in the other state by communication with the probation/parole officials in the other state.
  • Perform some paralegal functions by preparing affidavits, petitions, and orders for the court’s review.
  • Helps to restore victims by the monitoring and enforcement of restitution payments. 
  • Responds to mail received from prosecutors, probation/parole agents, offenders, Interstate Compact offices, judges, public officials and law enforcement agencies.
  • Responds to local, state, and federal requests for information requests on offenders past and present involvement with the Wyoming Department of Corrections system.
  • Maintains legal files on offenders.