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Youthful Offender Program (Wyoming Boot Camp)

The Youthful Offender Program was created by the Wyoming Legislature in 1987 in Wyoming Statute 7-13-1001 and the facility was opened in February 1990. The Wyoming Boot Camp, which can house up to 56 multiple custody inmates, is located within the confines of the Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp at Newcastle, Wyoming.

The Boot Camp was originally developed as a 90-day program. The program began with ten Boot Camp inmates. In April 1994, the Boot Camp program was expanded to 120 days and in October2007 the program was expanded once again to the current 180-day program.

This is a highly structured program for first-time, male offenders, who have not attained the age of 25. These offenders must have a court ordered recommendation. The Youthful Offender Program gives the successful graduates an opportunity for a sentence reduction and serves as an alternative to long-term incarceration. 

The basic program is for 180 days and comprises four phases. The routine day begins at 4:00 a.m. and ends at 9:00 p.m. During each day nearly six hours of the inmates’ time is devoted to physical activity. Therapeutic and educational programs are the key component. Work ethic instruction is given through the teamwork concept, as various work details are conducted throughout each day. If needed, or possible, all inmates assigned to Boot Camp earn their GED prior to graduation. Upon completion of the program graduates are released to straight probation, Intensive Supervision Program (ISP), or to an Adult Community Corrections facility.