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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

1.      What does an inmate’s sentence mean?

Victims, survivors and others often want to know how long an offender will stay in prison. Factors used in determining the length of time include the court-ordered sentence, jail credit and the amount of good time the inmate earns under Wyoming’s “good time” system.

Upon an inmate’s arrival, the prison’s Records Office reviews the court order(s) and calculates the minimum and maximum length of sentence as stipulated. Any time spent incarcerated prior to the sentencing date is usually credited toward the minimum and maximum sentence. When ordered by the court, the inmate may serve multiple sentences concurrently (at the same time) or consecutively (one after another). Inmates sentenced to consecutive prison terms remain incarcerated until the final sentence has been served.


2.      What is Good Time?
Offenders sentenced to incarceration in a Wyoming state correctional facility are eligible to earn good time allowances which can reduce their minimum and maximum sentence by up to fifteen (15) days per month for each month served on a sentence, unless it is a life sentence or a death sentence.  The ability to receive good time allowance is directly affected by an inmate’s adherence to the rules and participation in assigned work and programming.
3.      How many correctional facilities are in Wyoming?

Wyoming has five (5) adult correctional facilities and three privately owned community corrections facilities. These institutions and locations are as follows:


Wyoming Department of Corrections Facilities
  • Wyoming State Penitentiary, P. O. Box 400, Rawlins, Wyoming 82301
  • Click here for website
  • Wyoming Women’s Center, P. O. Box 300, Lusk, Wyoming 82225
  • Click here for website
  • Wyoming Honor Farm, 40 Honor Farm Road, Riverton, Wyoming 82501
  • Click here for website
  • Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp/Wyoming Boot Camp, P. O. Box 160, Newcastle, Wyoming 82701
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  • Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution, Torrington, Wyoming
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Contracted Facilities

Casper Re-entry Center, P.O. Box 2380, 10081 Landmark Lane, Mills, Wyoming  82644  

Cheyenne Transitional Center, 322 W. 17th St., Cheyenne, Wyoming 

Volunteers of America, P. O. Box 1346, Gillette, Wyoming 


4.      What determines where an inmate will be housed?

Wyoming uses a classification tool to safely maintain inmates by identifying their security and program needs. Each inmate is rated according to several factors. These include public risk (security needs), institutional risk (custody needs), medical and health care needs, mental health needs, training and programming needs, substance abuse educational needs, education needs, vocational training needs, and work skills. With safety and security as priorities, risks to the public and the prison environment are always addressed first.