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Information That We Can Provide

If you are the victim of a crime, surviving family member, parent/legal guardian of a victim, or have participated in the criminal prosecution of a case, AND you complete and submit the “Notification of Rights and Request Form" you will be able to receive the information listed below from each respective agency.  Click here to access the form online, complete it and print it.  


Department of Corrections (incarceration matters)

1.     Commencement of sentence and location

2.     Anticipated release date

3.     Work release

4.     Escape/Recapture

5.     Death of offender

6.     Reductions or extensions of sentence

7.     Change in location (both while incarcerated and on parole)

8.     Furloughs

9.   Notice and opportunity to provide input prior to offender’s acceptance to a Community

        Corrections program


Board of Parole (parole matters)

1.   Notice and opportunity to provide input into parole hearings

2.   Restitution matters

3.     Granting or modification of parole

4.     Pending revocation of parole

5.     Absconsion/Apprehension

6.     Rescission of parole

7.     Discharge from parole

8.     Notice and opportunity to provide input regarding pending commutations


Attorney General’s Office

1.     Application for pardon

2.     Appeal of offender’s case



The items listed with an * allow for the opportunity to provide input into Community Corrections placement, Parole Board hearings, and restitution matters. This is afforded only to those individuals who are the actual victims of the crime.