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Victim Notification Program Mission

Welcome to the Wyoming Department of Corrections Victim Notification Program.

This program began in 1991, after the State of Wyoming enacted the Wyoming Victim Bill of Rights. Our mission is to keep victims of crime, or other individuals that have participated in the prosecution of a case, informed and involved while the offender is under the jurisdiction of the Wyoming Department of Corrections.

  • We believe crime victims deserve to be treated with compassion, respect, and sensitivity.
  • We believe crime victims deserve to know the status of the offender.
  • We believe it is critically important to keep victims informed through written notification, e-notificiation, or personal contact about the location of the offender and when he/she might be released.
  • We believe providing such information to victims is important to the victim's own peace of mind.
  • We believe providing informaiton to victims allows greater access to, and participation in, the criminal justice system by victims.

We are always here to help you. If you have any questions, or need more information, please contact us.

Wyoming Department of Corrections

Attn: Victim Notification Program

1934 Wyott Drive, Suite 100

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