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How To Register as a Victim

If you are the victim of a crime, surviving family member, parent/legal guardian of a victim, or have participated in the criminal prosecution of a case, and you wish to receive information regarding an offender, you MUST notify the Victim Notification Program in the following manner:

  • Obtain a "Notification of Rights and Request Form".  This can be done either from this web page or through the prosecuting attorney's office IN THE COUNTY IN WHICH THE CRIME TOOK PLACE.

    Click here to access form online, complete it, then print it.
  • A member of the prosecutor's office staff or Wyoming Department of Corrections Victim Notification Program can provide you with any help needed in completing the form.
  • Be sure you complete all the information on the form.  It will be needed to process your request and to ensure we are able to contact you.
  • Submit the form to either the Prosecutors Office in the county where the crime occured, or to the Wyoming Department of Corrections.  They will then complete the remainder of the form and determine of you are entitled to notification.
  • Notification will begin once it has been verified that you are entitled to notification and the Wyoming Department of Corrections has your request form on file.  The address is as follows:

Wyoming Department of Corrections

Attn: Victim Notification Program

1934 Wyott Drive, Suite 100

Cheyenne, WY 82002

All information provided on the Victim Bill of Rights Notification Request Form (including information requests, identify of requestors, and contact information) is CONFIDENTIAL.